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November 23, 2008
49ers-Cowboys game-day blog

9:14 a.m.-- Delanie Walker is going through warm-ups, and from the looks of things he will play. Jacob Bender, Cody Wallace and Ahmad Brooks are on the inactive list. Dashon Goldson, Arnaz Battle and Josh Morgan also will be inactive and Jamie Martin is the 3rd QB. That leaves one more inactive, which will be Reggie Smith.

9:19 a.m. -- Am looking at Tony Romo throught the binocs. He has his right pinkie heavily bandaged, just like last Sunday against the Redskins.

9:23 a.m. -- From the way the offensive line is lining up in warm-ups, I'd say Chilo Rachal is starting at right guard

9:32 a.m. -- You might see a lot of Sean Ryan today at fullback. Ryan is a former Cowboy who spent a while chatting up fewllow tight end Jason Witten before the game. click here to read more about Ryan.

9:35 a.m. -- For the Cowboys, Brooks Bollinger is the 3rd quarterback. WR Miles Austin, RB Felix Jones, CB Quincy Butler, LB Justin Rogers, G Montrae Holland, G Joe Berger and T Doug Free are inactive.

-- 49ers begin with three-receiver set, Hill fires 21-yarder to Isaac Bruce over a linebacker ...... Chilo starts ... 3rd and 14, Hill hits Bruce again for 17 yards ... Bruce apparently has blood coming from the back of his head after the hit; doesn't appear to be serious... Joe Nedney's 53-yard attempt is .... no good. Short.

-- Cowboys take over at their own 43 ... Bruce has a head laceration; his return is probable ...Romo completes to Wiiten on 3rd and 5. (very wobbly pass) ...Romo misfires to T.O. on 3rd down, ball is nearly picked off by Mark Roman... Punt goes into the end zone ...

-- No Bruce; Jason Hill is substituting. ... Gore runs twice for 1st down ...Bruce is back ... In fact, Hill hits him for a third time, this one a nine-yard gain ...Hill to Bryant Johnson ... Hill throws wobbly duck to the goal line and is hauled down by Bruce at the 4, gain of 34 ... Not bad for a guy with staples in the back of his head ... Niners lose a yard on Gore run ... 3rd and goal from the 5 ... Hill calls t.o. ... Pass to Johnson inc. P.I. on Anthony Henry? ... Nedney knocks in a 20-yard field goal ... SF 3, Dallas 0 ...

-- Romo to Owens, but nate Clements shoves T.O. out of bounds. No catch ... Romo has good time, goes deep to T.O. but great coverage by safety Keith Lewis ... Punt ...

-- Shaun Hill fins Vernon Davis deep and the tight end makes an over-the-show catch (?!) for 47 yards to the 4 ... Niners again having trouble at the goal line ... 3rd and goal ...Blitz and Hill's rushed pass to Johnson is incomplete ... Nedney 23 yarder as quarter expires .. SF 6, Dallas 0

-- 1Q Summation. Mike Martz is being very aggressive, throwing deep and challenging the Dallas secondary. The Cowboys obviously were expecting a lot of Frank Gore and will have to adjust. Meanwhile, the Romo-Owens connection looks a bit off kilter ...


-- Deep pass to Witten, which was ruled out of bounds, is being challenged ...Ruling stands ....3rd down and 8 ... 49ers blitz, Romo steps up and hits -- who else? -- Owens for a 75-yard TD. So much for T.O.'s bad feeling about the offense ... Owens got behind Clements, who had no help from Keith Lewis, who never caught up to the play ...Clements tries to strip the ball after the catch instead of concentrating on the tackle, and Owens breaks free for the last 15 yards ... 49ers 6, Dallas 7

-- Hill sacked by Anthony Spencer and DeMarcus Ware on back-to-back plays ..49ers have to punt from their own 5. Ruh-roh. Punt is blocked out of the back of the end zone for a safety... Carlos Polk burst in from the middle... Looks like the special teams won't be getting an "A" today ... 49ers 6, Dallas 9

-- 49ers do a good job at the after-safety punt. Michael Robinson tackles Patrick Crayton at the 31 ... Nice recovery by the defense. After a holding penalty, the Cowboys go nowhere and have to punt ... during punt, Allen Rossum drops to the turf and clutchesright ankle. Achilles or cramp? ... Ball is downed at the 1 yard line ... Rossum is walking (slowly) into the locker room ... initial report is right ankle sprain ...

-- Frank Gore brought down at the 1/2 yard line ... Gore runs three straight times and gets 2 yards. Another tight punt that is returned to the SF 35 ...

-- Cowboys have 3rd and 5 from the SF 30 ...Incomplete to Roy Williams ... Dallas will attempt long field goal, 48 yards. It's good. SF 6, Dallas 12

-- -- Delanie Walker back for kickoff but Folk's kick goes out of bounds. 1st down at the 40 ...Wildcat formation gains three yards .., Hill to Bruce for short gain ... 3rd and 2 ...Hill tries to float pass to Gore, but it's incomplete ...Punt ... 49ers almost down punt at the 1-ich line but it doinks off Marcus Hudson's hands for the touchback ...

-- Romo again finds T.O one-on-one with Nate Clements and burns the CB for 25 yards ...49ers hem in Barber short of the 1st down on third down ... Folk attempts 41-yard field goal and it's good. 49ers 6, Dallas 15

-- 49ers fumble snap on first down. Zack Thomas recovers and no one touches him. He runs into the end zone but the officials say the whistle has blown ...

-- Cowboys begin at the 19-yard line ... Pass to Owens for eight yards ... Barber gets the first down, setting up 1st and goal from the 5 ...Barber down to the 1 yard line ...Romo tosses 1-yard pass to Martellus Bennett. SF 6, Dallas 22

2nd quarter summary. So much for that shaky Romo-to-T.O. connection. Owens now has 128 receiving yards. The 49ers currently have minus-two yards of offense ... The second half will be a real test of Singletary's coaching prowess ..


-- Romo misses T.O. on a slant to start the second half ... Barber gains 1, bringing up 3rd down and 9 ... Romo escapes and finds -- who else? -- Owens deep over Roman for 52 yards ... Romo to Williams to the 10 ...3rd down and goal from the 10 ...Neutral zone infraction on Willis ... 3rd and goal from the five ... False start on Flozell Adams ... 3rd and goal from the 10 ... Pass to Crayton going across the middle, TD. 49ers can't bring romo to the turf and he's making them pay .... SF 6, Dallas 29

-- Hill misses Davis on what would have been an easy TD. ... SF is 1-7 on third-down conversions before Hill hits Bryant Johnson for 18 yards ... Hot read to Bruce for 14 .... Gore gains six, Hill to Zeigler for 1 ... Third and three, Hill inc. to Bruce, setting up 36-yard Nedney attempt, which is good. SF 9, Dallas 29

-- Romo might have thrown his most recent incompletion behind the line of scrimmage. 49ers -- who are 0-6 on challenges this season -- are challenging. Looks like Lawson intercepted the ball nonetheless ... The 49ers win the challenge; hell freezes over ...

-- 49ers take over at the 17 and Hill immediately throws an interception in the end zone. Anthony Henry picked off the underthrown pass intended for Bryant Johnson ...

-- Owens gets another one, this time in front of Donald Strickland ...Romo could have gone deep to Owens again but chooses a short dump off to Barber for a first down at the SF 44 ...Witten, who is just coming back from a rib injury, gets crunched by Clements. Witten talkes a while to get up but eventually goes off under his own power ... Lawson sacks Romo for a loss of seven ...

4th Q
-- Witten's back in but Romo's 3rd-down pass to Owens is broken up. ... Cowboys settle for 47-yard field goal by Nick Folk. 49ers 9, Dallas 32

-- 49ers go three and out with a seven-yard sack. Punt



Matt was born in Blacksburg, Va., and attended the University of Virginia. He graduated in 1995, went to Northwestern for a journalism degree a year later, and got his first job at a South Carolina daily in 1997. He joined The Bee as a Metro reporter in 1999 and started covering the 49ers in 2003. His favorite player of all time is Darrell Green.


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