November 28, 2012
SMUD offers advice for possible power outages

By Tony Bizjak

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District offers this advice for possible power outages.

• Become familiar with your service panel location and how to operate the main circuit breaker.

• Prepare a simple emergency kit: a flashlight, battery-operated clock, extra batteries, manual can opener, supply of bottled water

• Have a battery operated radio or television or to get news reports with estimated times that electricity will be restored.

If the power goes out:

• Call SMUD 24-hour outage line at 1-888-456-SMUD (7683) or visit on a smart phone.

• Turn off all electric appliances except one light while waiting for electricity to be restored. This makes it easier for SMUD crews to restore electric service.

• If yours is the only home on the street without power, check your electrical service box to see if the main circuit breaker has flipped off. If it has, and you are standing on dry ground and have dry hands, firmly push the switch to the switch to the "off" position and then to the "on"


If stormy weather knocks down a power line:

• Call SMUD or 911 immediately. Assume the line is "energized" and stay away.

• Do not remove fallen tree limbs or other debris from lines. They could cause a shock.

Restoring power

The following priorities are used to determine where crews will be sent.

• Public safety hazards (power lines down, power poles down)

• Hospitals and critical flood and sewer control pumps

• Areas with large numbers of customers out of power

• Smaller, scattered outages