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January 22, 2014
Editorial: A Speaker Boehner runs through it

John_Boehner.jpg(Jan. 22 - By the Editorial Board)

House Speaker John Boehner stopped by California on Wednesday, claiming he wanted to open the spigot for drought-stricken farmers, while doing a little rainmaking for the National Republican Congressional Committee amidst the lush, irrigated golf courses of Palm Springs.

We welcome the attention of the speaker, but the pretext under which he appeared is suspect. Along with GOP Reps. Devin Nunes, Kevin McCarthy and David Valadao, Boehner said he wants to delay implementation of the San Joaquin River Restoration Project until 2015, which would leave salmon high and dry.

Anything Boehner can do to assist with Gov. Jerry Brown's drought response would be welcome. Gutting the intent of the Endangered Species Act isn't.

The speaker's discovery of California's water problems is important, though late in coming.

For example, Sacramento couldn't get even the barest trickle of federal funding for upgrading deteriorating levees, as some Republicans characterized it as pork-barrel spending. This fall, Boehner let the House pass a long-delayed bill allowing levee work. Levees are a matter of life or death, as the people of New Orleans can attest.

Wading into what's left of California's water may be good politics, but we wish Boehner had a more comprehensive approach. Come on in, Mr. Speaker. The water's fine, if low. But leave politics at the water's edge.