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June 3, 2014
Editorial: Brown to NY: Let them eat organic brown rice cakes, lightly salted

Lundberg_rice_cakes.JPG(June 3 - By the Editorial Board)

Now that the Los Angeles Kings (you know, the other Kings) have secured a spot in the Stanley Cup finals against the New York Rangers, the requisite wager between our respective states' governors has been made.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo offered typical Empire State cuisine, including Long Island oysters, upstate apples, Buffalo wing sauce, maple syrup, kettle chips, red velvet cupcakes, and other tasty treats. Oh, and a commemorative hockey puck.

Our governor, perhaps you've heard of him, countered with quintessential Jerry Brown puckishness by putting up a book, "California: A History," by Kevin Starr, and some food. Very little food.

Lundberg's Organic Brown Rice Cakes, lightly salted.

That's it. Organic. Brown. Rice. Cakes. Lightly salted.

Now, the epicurean appetite of New Yorkers is legendary, but these people are not going to be satisfied with organic brown rice cakes, lightly salted. No. This is New Yorker cuisine: massive hot dogs from carts, New York strip steaks (rare - very, very rare), excellent pizza, and mind-bending Manhattans that could anesthetize California Chrome with three sips. Some people in the Great State of New York are not going to stand for a couple of boxes of, uh,





Lightly salted.

We love Lundberg's Organic Brown Rice Cakes, especially the ones that are lightly salted. We are proud of our California rice cakes, lightly salted, as are we of Lundberg Family Farms, which got into the spirit of it all by pledging to donate 100 cases of scrumptious rice cakes to food banks in L.A. and New York, no matter which team takes home the Stanley Cup.

As a famous ascetic, Brown's swag is familiar to Californians. At least in budget terms, we have been put on this diet already, and we're light-headed from all the deprivation. We don't even get water, either. Unless, of course, we build those big tunnels to refresh the parched hockey stars of the (other) Kings with delicious, refreshing Northern California water. Heck, they could even freeze it for a rink.

Although Brown is rubbing salt into the tradition of cross-country wagering on sports championships, we suggest Cuomo take this bet with a grain of salt, lightly applied.