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December 12, 2008
AM Alert: $41,800,000,000

So yesterday's Big Five meeting didn't go so well.

(Witness Senate Republican leader Dave Codgill pronouncing, "I just don't see this process as being productive or helpful.")

But Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the two Democratic legislative leaders did get back together in the afternoon to name the 12-member tax commission.

The commission will be chaired by Gerald Parsky, as previously reported.

There will be two veterans of the Hoover Institute (John Cogan and Michael Boskin), three former lawmakers (Fred Keeley, Becky Morgan and Curt Pringle), one dean of the UC Berkeley law school (Christopher Edley) and one publisher of a Spanish-language newspaper (Monica Lozano).

We've posted the brief bios of the dirty dozen on Capitol Alert, courtesy of the governor's office.

Their tax report will be due on April 15. No joke.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who has been presenting his own bad budget news to his city this week, will be in Sacramento today.

He'll join newly elected Mayor Kevin Johnson and Fresno Mayor Alan Autry for an event touting Johnson's "proposal for a more accountable government structure."

Read: More power for the mayor.

Schwarzenegger, meanwhile, will celebrate the launch of Bank on California, which will be dedicated to offering checking and savings accounts to those without them. It's a first-state-in-the-nation program.

Of course, with the direction that this state seems to be moving, let's hope all the accounts are FDIC-insured.

In our Daily Piece of Bad Budget News: The Schwarzenegger administration has now put an official number on just how bad the deficit will be through June 2010: $41.8 billion.

They say that includes a $2 billion reserve.

Ain't that quaint.


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