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U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer said today that she and fellow Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein are developing joint positions on the May 19 ballot measures.

The six measures -- placed on the ballot to implement a state budget deal cut by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Democratic leaders in the Legislature -- have divided both political parties. Proposition 1A in particular, extends tax increases decried by Republicans and creates long-term spending restrictions upsetting to Democrats and their core constituency, organized labor.

Sen. Feinstein and I decided we were going to work together on this, and we will have a statement coming on this.," Boxer said at a news conference after he speech at the California Democratic party's annual convention. "You may have noticed we've been a little hectic and very involved in our work in Washington. so we don't know the ramifications yet of all these different propositions -- what it does to education, what it does to mental health, what it does for the future of our state."

Boxer said the choices are "very tough."

"We know this was a grand compromise," Boxer said. "I'm glad that the Legislature got a to point where they at least put something together. But before I tell you how I'm recommending people vote I want to know what I'm talking about."


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