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First, Attorney General Jerry Brown, who used to be California governor, stridently announced in a fundraising e-mail that California's budget mess is causing him to "think seriously about running for governor again." Translation: You can count on it.

Now, the campaign manager for Mayor Gavin Newsom, who's already declared his candidacy, is seeking to raise fundage by selling "glimmers of hope from San Francisco" as an antidote for "the terrible news from Sacramento."

In a memo called "Why We Organize," Newsom for California director Eric Jaye pitches Newsom's "smart budgeting" as mayor in dealing with San Francisco's own fiscal crisis.

Jaye also sells Newsom's role in helping implement universal health care in San Francisco and links to a Newsom interview on MSNBC.

The MSNBC host charitably bills Newsom's on-going work on the Healthy San Francisco program as a model for Washington.

Newsom, who's trying to become the first San Francisco mayor elected governor of California since James "Sunny Jim" Rolph in 1930, will likely be happy enough just making it to Sacramento.


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