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Legislators, being legislators, just couldn't wait for today's vote to be over on the budget-balancing prison package to start issuing press releases about their anger/pride/confusion about how things turned out.

The best of show in the early running was from Sen. Dave Cogdill, R-Modesto. In the third paragraph of his missive, the senator exclaimed he was "outraged that, with less than 24 hours of review, Democrats have pushed through these sweeping changes to public safety."

But in his last paragraph, it's explained that "Last month, Senator Cogdill expressed his strong concerns over the impacts those public safety cuts would have on Californians."

Uh, would those be the same public safety cuts the Democrats "pushed through with less than 24 hours of review"?

P.S. -- Cogdill also urged Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to veto the bill. This is an apparent reference to the same Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger who was behind the bill. Well, no harm in trying...


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