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UPDATE: Voting is now closed. The winning entry will be posted to the blog once the results have been tallied.

The entries are in. Now it's up to you to pick the winner for the latest edition of the Capitol Alert caption contest.

We received more than 300 submissions for this round, with "Feel the burn" and the Great California Garage Sale taking the lead for the most popular themes. One reader even took the time to translate his caption into German.

We've narrowed down the field of very funny submissions to 10 finalists. Pick your favorite and send your vote to Please only vote once and pick only one caption. The winner will snag a $25 gift card to Starbucks and the honor of being named the Capitol Alert caption contest winner.

  1. "Dumbbells Found in Fire Debris."
  2. "Scavenging for the next state auction."
  3. "Flexing while California burns."
  4. "Found at last, my legacy!"
  5. "Feel the burn!"
  6. "I pump iron. Real men pump water!"
  7. "Maybe I can autograph these and sell them at a 'fire' sale."
  8. "Hey Adam, if Poizner says one more stupid thing about selling the State Workers Comp Fund, I'm gonna throw this at his head."
  9. "...and people say they can't find the time to fit in a workout!"
  10. "I'm going to need strong arms to veto all those bills."
The deadline for casting a vote for your choice is Tuesday at noon. Feel free to make the case for your favorite line in the comments forum below.

(Check out the original entry announcing the contest here).


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