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From Rob Hotakainen in Washington

Democrat Dianne Feinstein, who heads the Senate Intelligence Committee, says she still wants the Guantanamo prison closed and that she won't be worried if some of the detainees end up in California.

Many members of Congress are balking at the idea of having prisoners transferred to their states. But last weekend, appearing on Fox News Sunday, Feinstein said that "there are maximum security prisons from which no one escapes in the United States, which are isolated from neighborhoods."

Chris Wallace, the show's host, asked Feinstein: "So you'll be OK with having some of these detainees in California?"

"Yes, in a maximum security prison," replied the senator. "I don't worry about it, provided the prison is set up to accommodate it, and I believe we have facilities that are."

Missouri Republican Sen. Kit Bond, appearing on the same show, said he disagreed with Feinstein and that Guantanamo "is the best place to hold these hardened criminals."

"I wouldn't mind seeing them at Alcatraz," said Bond. "But my California friends have a minimum amount of high enthusiasm for that."


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