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The Fair Political Practices Commission is investigating campaign-related financial transactions of Assemblyman Joel Anderson, R-Alpine, in the wake of a San Diego Union-Tribune investigation that revealed an unusual pattern of transactions between the assemblyman, his supporters and several campaign committees.

The U-T's John Marelius and Michele Clock have more in today's paper:

"The San Diego Union-Tribune reported last week that supporters of the La Mesa Republican, who is expected to run for state Senate, donated money to the Fresno County Republican Central Committee, which in turn donated a like amount to Anderson within days. The amounts were well in excess of the $3,900 that candidates for the Legislature can legally accept from individuals.

The newspaper also reported that Anderson sent identical contributions of $32,400 from his 2008 campaign to three Republican county committees in Central and Northern California, which sent similar amounts to his 2010 campaign fund. ....

"Candidates are permitted to give unlimited amounts to political party committees, and political party committees can give unlimited amounts to candidates.

Any coordination in advance would be a violation of the law, and the principals involved could be subject to a fine by the commission."

Click here to read today's U-T story on the investigation.


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