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"Constitutional reform" is tomorrow's buzz phrase du jour, with the results of a new Field Poll and a daylong conference exploring different options for putting the function back in California's dysfunctional governmental processes on tap.

Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Gavin Newsom set out to make his stance on how to fix California clear a day early, unleashing an online video voicing his support for calling a limited convention to revise the state constitution.

Newsom and GOP gubernatorial hopefuls Meg Whitman and Tom Campbell have all previously thrown their backing behind the idea, while Republican candidate Steve Poizner says he's not a fan of the constitutional convention route. Democrat Jerry Brown, who's still not an official candidate, told CalBuzz last spring that he's open to the idea.

Here's Newsom's new spot. See read the transcript after the jump.

** Transcript of ad

Gavin Newsom voiceover:
"We're Californians.
We're not a state of memories,
we're a state of dreams.
So what are we going to do next year?
Will we nominate a candidate who knows Sacramento
or leaders who know how to change it?"

This is the race that will shake the system,
that will change the state constitution,
that will lower the 2/3 majority,
that will pass the budget,
that will fund the schools,
that will create the jobs,
that will provide the healthcare,
that will treat the millions of Californians,
that will join the race,
that will shake the system
that will change the state constitution,
that will lower the 2/3 majority,
that will pass the budget...



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