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Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Tuesday morning that he was "very happy" that the state Senate passed water bonds Monday night and appeared pleased with the progress legislators were making on water legislation.

Schwarzenegger was speaking to a breakfast hosted by political veteran Willie Brown in San Francisco and attended by Republican gubernatorial candidates Steve Poizner and Tom Campbell and undeclared Democratic gubernatorial front-runner Jerry Brown.

Schwarzenegger used the phrase "very happy" three times as he applauded legislators in their efforts to pass water legislation.

He brought up the water issue in the middle of his speech, saying, "I'm very happy to say that they are working together now, Democrats and Republicans, in Sacramento and it's very encouraging the development that's going on."

He later said, "I'm very happy to say that last night the Senate passed the infrastructure bond part of this whole package" and added about the whole legislative package, "If that all works out, which I think it will, this will be an historic accomplishment in the Legislature."

He summed it up with "I'm very happy now that they're getting the water done." The governor also said Republicans and Democrats would criss-cross the state to try and convince voters to pass water infrastructure bonds.


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