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If it wasn't clear yesterday, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger press secretary Aaron McLear impressed upon Capitol reporters Tuesday that the governor's idea to build a prison in Mexico for illegal immigrant inmates is not under serious consideration at the moment.

The Republican governor suggested Monday at his annual Sacramento Press Club address that California could pay Mexico to build and house 19,000 illegal immigrant inmates to save "$1 billion."

McLear said Tuesday that the Governor's Office cannot say where the state would save $1 billion under such a plan because it has no plan. He emphasized that Schwarzenegger was just passing along an idea that some people -- unclear on who -- offered to the governor as a way to save money.

"Whether it's Mexico, other countries or other states, if we can figure out great ways that we can save money on what we're spending on prisons, we ought to debate that and look at it," McLear said. "... I think you guys have covered him long enough to know he likes the out-of-the-box, creative ideas. He doesn't think any idea is too zany to at least debate."


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