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Thumbnail image for Jerry Brown.jpgAttorney General Jerry Brown told San Francisco radio station KGO this morning that he will declare his Democratic candidacy for governor "very very soon." Listen to Brown's remarks here, which start at the 14:30 mark.

Brown's remarks were some of the most explicit he's made about his political plans and come as the independent expenditure committee Level the Playing Field 2010 gets a head start in targeting Republican gubernatorial front-runner Meg Whitman. Read the Bee story about the various independent expenditure committees here.

"I have a very small campaign staff and I don't intend it to get too large," Brown said. "And there are a lot of very talented people around the state that are raring to go on this campaign to make sure California gets a new governor and gets a Democratic governor."

About U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein saying this week she didn't plan to enter the governor's race, Brown remarked: "Certainly that makes a big difference because a fight with Dianne Feinstein would be very counterproductive. That would not be helpful in any sense. And secondly, certainly we're getting ready. I can certainly tell you that."

Brown said he was legally prohibited from collaborating with the independent committee and wasn't doing so. But he complained about election laws governing spending by candidates and committees.

"Since we have these campaign laws," Brown said, "these so-called reform laws, but they're designed to allow major campaign spending to go, to take place outside the control of the candidate. I mean that's the paradox. The candidates get to be somewhat marginal in terms of the spending of money because the independent campaigns have no limits."

Finally, when asked by host Ed Baxter when he planned to declare his candidacy, Brown answered: "Very very soon."


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