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Mickey Kaus, a political blogger on the Slate website, filed papers Friday to challenge U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer in June's Democratic primary, saying the three-term senator is too tied to liberal interest groups.

"I have no special beef with the incumbent," Kaus said in his announcement. "She is a state-of-the-art Democrat. But to be state-of-the-art" in our party is not such a good thing anymore. State of the art" means the incumbent has learned to please the party's interest groups, often at the expense of the needs of average individuals and the party's own ideals."

Kaus, who lives in Southern California and is the son of former state Supreme Court Justice Otto Kaus, has been especially critical of illegal immigration in his Slate column. He said his status with Slate remains uncertain with his decision to run against Boxer.

Polls indicate that Boxer's approval rating among California voters is less than 50 percent. Three Republicans are vying to for the GOP senatorial nomination.


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