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GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, criticizing the Legislature as a "bill factory," said today that she would create legislative teams to focus on her top priorities as governor and veto most other legislation.

Whitman has said she will focus almost exclusively on three areas as governor: creating jobs, cutting government spending and improving the state's K-12 education system.

"Let's come together in teams," Whitman told an audience at the California Taxpayers' Association's annual meeting in Sacramento. "Who wants to be on the jobs team? Who wants to be on the government efficiency team?"

The former eBay CEO later told reporters that lawmakers could "self-select" to be on the teams, and that those who didn't want to participate wouldn't have to.

"We can have a group that has staff support to look into things," she said. "We'd have to have a chair of the jobs team, a chair of the education team. I think it would focus the mind of the Legislature on what it is that we have to accomplish."

Whitman said she wouldn't veto all other legislation, but she wants to prevent the Legislature from tackling too many new things.

"Let's stop doing new things and fix the problems we have in front of us," she said. "Obviously we would make an exception for public safety if there was an earthquake or something."

Below: Whitman discusses her legislative priorities.

Whitman discusses the Legislature's approval rating:

Whitman talks about legislative teams


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