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Jerry protesters.JPGDemocratic delegates leaving the state party convention's general session this afternoon got a good reminder that their political rivals aren't resting this weekend.

Just outside the Los Angeles Convention Center's west hall doors were three people wearing giant, grotesque puppet heads depicting Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown as a hippie, a monk and a political candidate in a suit.

"Which Jerry Will You Get?" read a sign held by one of the protesters. The state Republican party had organized the display, which received plenty of attention from Democratic activists and some antagonism, all verbal.

"Where are you from?" one Democratic activist asked one of the puppets. He didn't get an answer.

"We were hoping to hear more specifics" from Brown's speech Saturday to the general session, said state Republican spokesman Mark Standriff, who accompanied the protest. "But we got the same tired platitudes that Californian voters have been getting the last 40 years."

Things got even stranger on the outdoor walkway leading back to the JR Marriott Hotel, where two dozen or so supporters of political oddball Lyndon LaRouche sang hymns with banners unfurled showing President Barack Obama sporting an Adolf Hitler mustache over the words "Impeach Obama" and "From Hero to Heroin."

Questions to the protesters about their beefs with Obama drew a wide array of answers, from him allegedly being a puppet of former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair to his supposed tolerance of the Afghan opium trade. One supporter advocated mining the moon for Helium-3, which he said would fuel a U.S. mission to Mars.

Their work done, the LaRouche protesters soon finished their songs, rolled up their banners and left.

PHOTO CREDIT: Hector Amezcua/


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