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Political blogger and self-proclaimed U.S. Senate candidate Mickey Kaus wants to horn in on Sen. Barbara Boxer's big San Francisco fundraiser Tuesday.

With President Barack Obama as the starring attraction, Boxer hopes to raise $1.5 million for her re-election campaign against whoever emerges from three-way Republican primary contest.

But Kaus, who gave up his nationally distributed blog to run against Boxer in the primary, says he's reserved a room at a Holiday Inn in San Francisco, several notches below the Fairmont Hotel, where the Boxer fundraiser will be held, and invited her to an afternoon debate.

"We know Senator Boxer will be in San Francisco then, because she's having a $35,000-a-couple fundraiser a few blocks away that evening," Kaus said."Surely she can take some time before resuming her frantic hoovering of campaign cash to walk down the street to the Holiday Inn and debate the actual issues she's been avoiding in the primary--like her lockstep loyalty to organized labor, or support for illegal immigrant legalization."

Kaus is still waiting for a response from Boxer. He'll probably still be waiting Tuesday afternoon, but says he'll show up and have a "debate" at 2 p.m. even if she's absent.


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