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HA1_6034.JPGRepublican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman is holding a town hall-style meeting at the Roseville Theatre in Roseville, where she's proposing putting together a statewide grand jury to look for "waste, fraud and abuse."

She proposes appointing an inspector general to look into the matter and report back to a grand jury with subpoena and indictment powers that can start criminal and civil prosecutions. She hasn't specified how the grand jury would use such powers to look for such waste, fraud and abuse.

She estimated the state loses $7.5 billion a year in fraud in in-home supportive services, Medi-Cal and welfare programs and told the audience of about 150 people tales of the state wasting millions of dollars on highway rest stops and education planning.

"This is not as difficult as the career-minded politicians in Sacramento make this out to be," Whitman said. "We will take back Sacramento and we will make sure we are spending your taxpayer dollars exactly as you would spend them if you were sitting in Sacramento."

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