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Thumbnail image for Jerry Brown in Oakland.JPGAfter calling his Republican rivals "the apostles of darkness and ignorance" on Monday, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown pledged this morning that his campaign would engage in "no mudslinging."

Brown made the remarks during his weekly call-in to San Francisco radio station KGO. Listen to the clip here. It begins at the 14:15 mark.

Before making the pledge, however, Brown took some shots at GOP hopefuls Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner, who have spent more than $100 million between them bashing each other on TV and elsewhere. A new public poll shows Whitman's once gigantic lead shrunk to single digits.

"These ads are pretty silly," Brown said. "These two characters have had a record in many ways completely contradictory to what they're advertising, I'm talking about both the Republican candidates, and just slamming each other is not helpful to the debate and is not going to get out of our fiscal mess so I just feel that not only is it bad in the primary but I want to warn people that probably starting in June or July, we're going to get the same kind of pablum put forward in 30-second commercials."

Guest co-host Jon Bristow ribbed Brown's heated language from earlier in the week by playing a dramatic audio clip of Darth Vader, to which Brown responded, "I've seen the power of the dark side. It's called about $100 million in ads."

Host Jennifer Jones-Lee dutifully pointed out that Brown appeared to be engaging in the same kind of behavior and asked if the Democrat would try to set an example.

"I will certainly make sure that whatever I espouse will be enlightening," Brown said. "I'll try to do my best."

"No mudslinging?" Jones-Lee asked.

"Ah no, no mudslinging," Brown answered.

Photo credit: Hector Amezcua/Sacramento Bee


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