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ha_mad33630.JPGWe've selected some very funny finalists in Capitol Alert's latest caption contest and we want you to help us pick the winner.

For those who need a refresher, this week's laugh-worthy shot is Sen. Loni Hancock, D-Berkeley, conducting an experiment at the 22nd Annual State Scientist Day at the Capitol.

We received more than 100 creative captions this round. Here are the top eight that made The Bee's Capitol bureau chuckle:

1.) "And kids, this is what happens to the career of Republicans who vote for tax hikes."

2.) "I haven't seen anything this hot since I married Tom Bates."

3.) "I asked for the smoke monster from Lost, but the budget would only cover this."

4.) "And that's how you make $19 billion disappear. Questions?"

5.) "Wow, this is much better than the smoke and mirrors demonstration we saw inside the building."

6.) "They're coming to take me away..........aha...."

7.) "For my next trick, I will make legislators pass a balanced budget on time."

8.) "It doesn't happen this way for Bobby Flay..."

Pick your favorite and send your vote to Please vote once and pick only one caption. The deadline for casting a vote for your choice is 9 p.m. Wednesday, May 26. Feel free to make the case for your favorite line in the comments forum below.

Choose carefully because the stakes are high -- the winner takes home a $25 gift card to a coffee shop of his or her choice.

Check out the original entry announcing the contest here.

PHOTO CREDIT: Hector Amezcua/Sacramento Bee


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