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Political blogger Mickey Kaus' upstart challenge to U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer got a lot of media attention, including a piece in the august New York Times, but he didn't do particularly well in this week's primary election.

Boxer, of course, was renominated for a fourth term with more than 80 percent of the Democratic vote, and Kaus barely cracked 5 percent. But the news of the day is that Hollywood producer Brian Quintana, who didn't get any publicity, garnered nearly three times as many votes as Kaus.

Kaus, a long-time scribbler for the Slate website, was nonplussed by his third-place finish, posting a lengthy analysis on the Internet this morning that included this passage:

"I'm a blogger. I spent about $40,000. I had one part-time aide, a recent college grad who was prepping for his LSATs. We had no headquarters, no pollsters, no highly paid strategists and consultants. We had a couple of laptops and an old Volvo. And we still ripped off more than 100,000 votes from a three term incumbent because there is a large group of voters who are dissatisfied with the prevailing dogma of the Democratic party.

"I entered the race because I wanted to start up an argument among Democrats about the party's direction - about the need to say 'no' to the unions and to insist on securing the border before we even talk about amnesty."


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