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The Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association has filed a lawsuit challenging the wording of the ballot language for Proposition 23.

The measure would suspend AB32, the 2006 law requiring a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, until the state unemployment rate falls to 5.5 percent of below for four consecutive calendar quarters.

The lawsuit claims that the ballot label and title and summary prepared by the attorney general's office, which you can read here, falsely implies that the measure would suspend "air pollution control laws," not just AB32, and does not accurately reflect the purpose of the initiative.

The suit cites Attorney General Jerry Brown'ssupport for AB32 as a sign of bias and claims that supporters have been asking the attorney generals' office to update the language since the title and summary was approved for circulation in February.

Opponents of the measure called the lawsuit a legal stunt aimed at distracting voters from the measure's intention to "kill California's job-creating clean air and energy standards."

The suit was filed Tuesday in Sacramento Superior Court by HJTA President Jon Coupal, a major supporter of the initiaitve. Ballot language challenges must be resolved by Aug. 9, after which the Secretary of State Official Voter Information Guide is sent to the printer.

Read the lawsuit here .


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