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99983138JS008_SEN_BOXER_VIS.jpgCalifornia's U.S. Senate race is beginning to get national attention as political oddsmakers see Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer as potentially vulnerable to Republican Carly Fiorina's challenge.

The latest move in that direction came in the Washington Post, whose political prognosticator, Chris Cillizza, declares that Fiorina's primary win "makes this race one to watch. California is still Democratic country but (Boxer's) numbers have never been all that strong and with the public angry at incumbents this is the sort of year Republicans might be able to pull an upset in the Golden State."

Last week, Roll Call's Stuart Rothenberg said much the same thing in his survey of mid-term election prospects and their appraisals could help Fiorina convince national Republican organizations to do what they've been unwilling to do in past California Senate elections - pump in money.

Boxer's camp, meanwhile, is touting a new poll, done by an outfit that works mostly for Democrats, that shows her with a widening lead over Fiorina, the former boss at Hewlett-Packard. The Public Policy Polling survey found that independent voters have turned against Fiorina during the last two months, giving Boxer a 49 percent to 40 percent lead, up from just three points in May.

The full Washington Post revisions of senatorial and gubernatorial races can be found here.

IMAGE: Sen. Barbara Boxer. Capitol Alert file photo.


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