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RED LIGHT CAMERAPIC.JPGThe Assembly voted today to reduce fines for motorists who failed to make complete stops before turning right on red lights.

The 48-8 vote sent the measure, Assembly Bill 909 by Assemblyman Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's desk for signature or veto.

If signed, AB 909 would reduce the base fine for rolling red light turns from $100 to $35 and the total fine, including assessments, from $450 to $219. Hill said it corrects an error in a 1997 bill that boosted traffic fines but local governments, seeing a loss of tens of billions of dollars in revenues, lobbied heavily against it.

Most red light tickets are issued via automatic intersection cameras, which have been criticized as being unfair revenue-generators and reducing the fines could make the cameras uneconomic for local governments.

PHOTO CREDIT: Anselmo Saucedo (left, in bucket) of San Francisco's traffic sign shop watches Martin Schaufelberber (right, atop ladder) of Multanova AG complete installation of a red light camera in San Francisco. Jerry Telfer/AP File photo.


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