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APTOPIX Obama.jpgDemocratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown received big-league support today from none other than President Barack Obama, in the form of a mass e-mail sent to supporters from the Democratic National Committee's Organizing for America project.

Here's the text of the e-mail:

For decades, Jerry Brown has been a champion for the people of California. He has served as governor, as mayor of Oakland, and is currently the attorney general.

While governor, he helped to create almost 2 million new jobs, cut taxes, and built a budget surplus. As mayor, Jerry revitalized Oakland's economy and reduced crime. And as attorney general, he is fighting for consumers and cracking down on violent gangs.

To each of these jobs, he's brought an unparalleled passion for helping the people of California.

Now, he wants to return to Sacramento to bring that passion to the governor's office, and he needs our help to ensure that he wins this race.

Please sign up to support his campaign.

These next few years offer a complex series of challenges -- for California and our nation -- and there is much we must accomplish together. Meeting these challenges will be possible only if we have bold leaders like Jerry Brown working alongside us.

But winning this election will not be easy. His billionaire opponent, Meg Whitman, has already spent more than $100 million on this race -- shattering every spending record in California. In the coming weeks, she will blanket the airwaves and attempt to drown out every other voice in this election.

That is why Jerry Brown needs your support -- knocking on doors, making calls to your neighbors, and working to get the word out about his campaign for California.

Can we count on you? Get started here:

Thank you,

President Barack Obama

Photo: Associated Press

UPDATE: Whitman spokesman Tucker Bounds just responded to Obama's support:

"Meg is running neck-and-neck with Jerry Brown, despite Brown's 14 point party registration edge, because she's the only credible candidate to create jobs and get California's economy back on track. Announcing an endorsement like this in the dead of summer means that Jerry Brown is worried, the White House is worried, or both."


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