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Lawmakers and staff looking for Sen. Dave Cox early in the mornings always knew they could find him sipping a cup of coffee and catching up with colleagues.

The Fair Oaks Republican, who was known for his punctuality, was often the first person to arrive in what is known around the Capitol as the coffee shop, a lounge off the floor where members gather and Senate Republicans hold their caucus meetings.

The Senate voted Monday to name the room Cox's Club House in memory of the lawmaker, who died last month at age 72. The resolution was passed during a floor tribute in which colleagues from both parties remembered Cox for his commitment to public service, straight-forwardness and friendship.

"The spirit of collegiality and friendship were ever present when Senator Cox 'held court' in the Senate coffee shop, and his presence will be felt even in his absence," the resolution reads.

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, who jokingly recalled unsuccessful attempts to pry intel from the Republican caucus meetings during their early morning talks, said the room would serve as a reminder of Cox's "grace, his dignity and his goodwill."

A memorial plaque has yet to be mounted, but members took quickly to the new name Monday, as Senate Republican leader Dennis Hollingsworth in the following floor session asked his caucus to gather for a meeting in Cox's Club House.


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