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All the votes have been tallied and we have a winner in Capitol Alert's election quiz:

Assembly Republican Caucus communications consultant Ronald Ongtoaboc takes home the grand prize.

Ongtoaboc scored 25.5 out of 29 possible points on the quiz -- including correctly predicting the outcome of 19 out of 21 contests.

"A lot of it was just reading the news, such as Capitol Alert of course," he said.

It may seem like Capitol Alert is running on legislative time (what late budget?) in grading the quizzes, but with close scores we had to wait for the results of the recount in the 40th Senate District before we could declare a winner.

See trivia answers and results for the quiz, which was first posted here, after the jump.

1.) Which race pits a prominent politician's wife against his former girlfriend?
Alameda County Supervisor District 2

2.) Predict who will win that race.
Nadia Lockyer

3.) Who was the last Republican woman on a general election ballot for statewide office?
Cathie Wright, lieutenant governor. (We also gave a point to the entrant who pointed out that Republican Katherine Smith ran in in nonpartisan Superintendent of Public Instruction race in 2002).

4.) The Secretary of State Voter Information Guide misspelled a gubernatorial candidate's name in 10 million copies. Name the candidate and his/her party affiliation.
Mohammad Arif, Peace and Freedom Party

5.) Which leader of the "birther" movement is running for statewide office?
Orly Taitz

6.) Which other candidate for statewide office has that candidate recently sued and why?

GOP Secretary of State candidate Damon Dunn. The complaint alleged Dunn is not eligible to run based on Taitz's allegations that he was registered as a Democrat in Florida within the last year and did not report that he had been previously registered to vote in his California voter registration card.

7.) The former significant other of a candidate in the eight-way 53rd Assembly District primary was an early candidate in the race. Name the couple and one issue that came up in court during their split.
Betsy Butler and Former Manhattan Beach City Councilman Jim Aldinger went to court over furniture.

8.) Perennial candidate Mervin Evans now claims to be vying for elected office in another state. Where and for what office is he running? What is the greatest percentage of the vote he has won in a California contest?
His website says he is running for U.S. Senate in Hawaii. He won 10.5 percent of the vote in his 2004 31st Congressional District primary run.

9.) Predict the winner in the GOP gubernatorial primary: Meg Whitman or Steve Poizner?
Meg Whitman.

10.) Predict the winner in the GOP lieutenant governor primary: Sam Aanestad or Abel Maldonado?
Abel Maldonado.

11.) Predict the winner in the Democratic lieutenant governor primary: Gavin Newsom or Janice Hahn?
Gavin Newsom.

12.) Predict the winner in the Democratic Insurance commissioner primary: Dave Jones or Hector De La Torre?
Dave Jones.

13.) Predict the winner in the GOP attorney general primary: Steve Cooley, Tom Harman or John Eastman?
Steve Cooley.

14.) Pick the top vote-getter in the superintendent of public instruction race: Larry Aceves, Gloria Romero or Tom Torlakson?
Larry Aceves.

15.) Pick the winner in the GOP U.S. Senate primary: Tom Campbell, Carly Fiorina or Chuck DeVore?
Carly Fiorina.

16.) In the Democratic U.S. Senate primary, does challenger Mickey Kaus get more than or less than 10 percent of the vote?

17.) Pick the winner in the Democratic CD 36 primary : Jane Harman or Marcy Winograd?
Jane Harman.

18.) Pick the winner in the GOP CD 19 primary: Jeff Denham, Richard Pombo, Jim Patterson or Larry Westerlund?
Jeff Denham.

19.) Proposition 14: Pass or fail?

20.) Proposition 16: Pass or fail?

21.) Pick the winner in the Democratic AD 5 primary: Richard Pan, Larry Miles or Matt Gray?
Richard Pan.

22.) Pick the winner in GOP AD 5 primary: Andrew Pugno, Craig DeLuz or Suzanne Jones?
Andrew Pugno.

23.) Pick the winner in the Democratic AD 9 primary: Roger Dickinson, Chris Garland, Lauren Hammond, Kevin McCarty or Adam Sartain?
Roger Dickinson.

24.) Pick the winner in the Democratic AD 30 primary:Fran Florez or Pete Parra?
Fran Florez.

25.) Pick the winner in the Democratic AD 53 primary: Kate Anderson, Betsy Butler, Nick Karno, James Lau, Edgar Saenz, Peter Luke Thottam, Diane Wallace or Mitch Ward?
Betsy Butler.

26.) Pick the winner in the GOP SD 4 primary: Rick Keene or Doug LaMalfa?
Doug LaMalfa.

27.) Pick the winner in the Democratic SD 40 primary: Juan Vargas or Mary Salas?
Juan Vargas.

28.) Pick the winner in the SD 37 special election: Justin Blake (D), Bill Emmerson (R) or Matt Monica (American Independent)?
Bill Emmerson.

29.) Pick the winner in the GOP BOE District 2 primary: Alan Nakanishi, George Runner or Barbara Alby?
George Runner.

30.) Who wins the Democratic attorney general primary and with what percentage of the vote?
Kamala Harris -- 33.6 percent.

* An early wording of this question indicated that Butler and her ex had been married -- they had not.


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