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RB UC_Davis Tour.JPGCalifornia's white male high school graduates are the least likely societal subgroup to immediately continue their educations in public colleges and universities, the California Postsecondary Education Commission has found in a compilation of 2008-vintage data.

Overall, 48.3 percent of 2008's high school graduates enrolled in the University of California, the California State University system or one of the state's 110 community colleges, a rate that's been drifting downward over the past couple of decades.

Asian/Pacific Islander graduates of both genders are the most likely to move quickly into post-secondary education at 64.7 percent, down five points from the high a year earlier. Filipino Americans are next at 63.9 percent, followed by African Americans at 48.7 percent, Native Americans at 48.3 percent, Latinos at 47.1 percent and whites at 41.8 percent.

White males, at 41.2 percent, are the lowest enrolling subgroup. However, the data don't measure private college enrollments or college attendance later.

The data also show a large gap in the type of higher education sought with 23.1 percent Asian/Pacific Islander graduates entering the UC system, more than twice the percentage of any other group. At the other end of the scale, just 4 percent of Latino graduates and 5.7 percent of white graduates attend a UC school.

The full report, which can be drilled in depth for other data, is available here.

PHOTO CREDIT: A UC Davis Visitor Services tour guide addresses a group of potential incoming freshmen and others during a walking tour of the campus on April 14, 2008. Sacramento Bee / Randall Benton


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