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The ballot measure battle over California's landmark greenhouse gas emissions law is heating up the airwaves, with both sides of the Proposition 23 fight launching television ads this week.

The campaign for Proposition 23, which would suspend implementation of 2006's Assembly Bill 32 until the state's unemployment rate drops to 5.5 percent for four consecutive quarters, is up with a 30-second spot casting the 2006 law as an "energy tax." The ad, which is airing in markets in Sacramento, the Central Valley and San Diego, highlights proponents' argument that the state cannot afford the cost of regulations until the economy recovers.

"I want to do my part on global warming, all Yes on 23 says is, let's wait until people are back to work and we can afford it" a woman says at the end of the ad.

Opponents fired back, releasing a spot of their own focused on oil companies that have provided major funding for the initiative.

The 30-second spot, which will also air statewide, argues that delaying AB32 "would pollute our air, kill clean energy jobs, and keep us addicted to costly oil."

"California is outlining a clean energy future a growing workforce of bright Californians who harness wind and solar power to move our state forward. But two Texas oil companies have a deceptive scheme to take us backwards," the narrator says, referring to Valero and Tesoro, which have both contributed heavily to the measure.

Click here to watch the ad from the opposition campaign. The Yes on 23 campaign's spot is posted below.


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