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It's no laughing matter to many of all political stripes that a large number of farmworkers in California, the nation's biggest food supplier, are thought to be undocumented.

But the California-based United Farm Workers Union is turning to popular comedian Stephen Colbert's unique brand of sarcasm to breathe life into a proposal to legalize field workers. The state's farm industry also supports the longstanding AgJOBS bill, as its known, and worked with the UFW - usually the industry's foe - to craft it.

On his late-night show Wednesday Colbert, in trademark nativist character, interviews California congresswoman Zoe Lofgren. Today, the comedian is scheduled to testify before the House immigration subcommittee Lofgren chairs.

It's not known if Colbert will appear in Congress in character. But he is expected to describe how he took up a "Take Our Jobs, Please" challenge to Americans from UFW President Arturo Rodriguez to perform field work Mexican migrants are usually found doing.

In a clip of Wednesday's show on the UFW's website, Colbert introduced Lofgren, a Democrat from San Jose, as a "notorious Mexican hugger."

"If I want to be a migrant farmworker, what do I have to do first?" Colbert asks. "Should we make an anchor baby?"

Last July, Rodriguez told Colbert that only three Americans had taken up the UFW's challenge to take farm jobs that the union said were available. "Make that four," Colbert said.

On tonight's show, Colbert plans to air a tape showing his experience harvesting on a New York state farm. Watch the Lofgren clip below:

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