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loretta.JPGSomething stinks in the 47th Congressional District contest.

Republican candidate Van Tran has sent voters a scratch-and-sniff mail piece taking aim at Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez.

"Something smells rotten about Loretta, it's the stench of Washington," the mailer reads.

"It is a horrible odor - like a combination of 5 or 6 of the worst possible scents you can imagine," wrote one Alert reader who received the mailer.

The mailer was designed by Ryan Clumpner, a former California Republican campaign operative and legislative staffer who now works for the Missouri-based Axiom Strategies

"It's definitely eye-catching when you have all sorts of mail pieces in the last couple of weeks," Tran campaign manager George Andrews said.

The Sanchez campaign found both the mailer's smell and approach nauseating, saying they "respect the people in our community enough to give them substance, not gimmicks."

"Talk about bad taste," Sanchez spokeswoman Caroline Hogan wrote in an e-mail. "While our opponent is busy spamming voters with ill-smelling mailers, Rep. Sanchez is talking about the issues that matter to Orange County families, including job creation and strengthening the economy."

Tran isn't the only candidate in the country making an olfactory appeal. Carl Paladino, the Republican running for governor New York, has reportedly mailed out flier that smell like garbage to make a point about corruption in Albany.


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