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Counties reported today that some 2 million ballots remain from Tuesday's election, which could determine winners in some tight local races and one statewide contest -- attorney general.

The secretary of state's office asked counties to voluntarily report their unprocessed ballot count by the end of business Thursday. The result: 1,935,248 unprocessed ballots, not including San Francisco, Fresno and 11 other smaller counties that have yet to report.

Of the total, 1.4 million are absentee ballots that were returned to counties in the final days before Election Day or on Election Day that have yet to be opened and counted. Another 451,056 ballots were cast provisionally and have yet to be processed, and 56,652 ballots are either damaged or were diverted by optical scanners for further review.

With Democrat Kamala Harris leading Republican Steve Cooley by a mere 9,364 votes out of 7.2 million counted so far, a decision in the attorney general's race is down the road a bit.


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