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The results are in for Capitol Alert's Election Quiz.

As usual, it was a close contest.

But the top entrants were Alert readers Rachel Johnson and Steve Kamp, who tied by earning 12.5 points and entering correct predictions for both tie breaker questions.

Johnson, a communications associate at the California Labor Federation, said she has been following Capitol Alert since joining CLF as an intern earlier this year. Kamp, a longtime reader and subscriber to the fiber Bee, works as a Tax Counsel III in the legal department of the State Board of Equalization. Both win a gift certificate to a capital coffee shop of their choice.

Several other entrants earned 12.5 points, but got knocked out of the running in the tiebreaker by predicting that Republican Sharron Angle would win the Nevada U.S. Senate contest.

The questions and answers are posted after the jump. One note: We had to throw out Question 15. What we meant to say is who are the last two Sacramentans to serve in statewide office. Alert readers caught the error, pointing out that there were multiple ways to interpret or answer the question.


1.) A shift in voter registration and influx in cash from Democrats has put a Sacramento-area legislative district long held by Republicans in play. Name the district and the last Democrat to hold the seat. (Jean Moorhead Duffy in the 5th Assembly District. The former state legislator initially won election to the Sacramento-area district as a Republican in 1978, but won re-election in 1982 after changing her registration to Democrat.)

2.) Only one eligible candidate running for statewide office does not have a statement in the official Voter Information Guide sent to millions of California homes. Who is the candidate and why is the statement not in the pamphlet? BONUS: Earn a half point for naming the three candidates who were not eligible for a statement. (The answer we were looking for is Tony Strickland, the Republican candidate for state controller. Some entrants pointed out that several other minor party candidates who were eligible did not submit or pay for a statement. That is true, but Strickland is the only candidate we know of who sought a spot in the guide and did not get one. He missed the deadline for submitting his statement. BONUS: The answers we were looking for were Meg Whitman, Jerry Brown, Kamala Harris, all of whom did not agree to voluntary spending limits.)

3.) Republican Meg Whitman has shattered spending records in her gubernatorial bid, but the $65 million she dropped to win the Republican nomination didn't top the list of dollars spent per vote in a gubernatorial primary. Name the California candidate who tops that list and how much the governor hopeful spent per vote. (Al Checchi in the 1998 Democratic primary. $70.21 per vote.)

4.) If Jerry Brown is elected governor this year, at 72 he would be the oldest man ever elected governor of California. Who was the youngest? (California's fourth elected governor, J. Neely Johnson, who was 30 when he was elected in 1855.)

5.) Which avant garde artist did Jerry Brown choose during his first go-round as governor to paint the distinctly modernistic portrait of him that hangs in the Capitol? (Don Barchardy)

6.) Majority Democrats were major funders of Proposition 27, the push to eliminate the Citizens Redistricting Commission (as well as derail a dueling initiative to expand the panel of political map-makers' duties to include congressional district lines) Which Democratic lawmaker made the largest contribution to Proposition 27. (Democratic Rep. Judy Chu through her political action committee)

7.) Million of California voters will likely have cast their ballot by the time the polls open Nov. 2. How many Californians voted by mail in the 2006 general election? What percentage of the total turnout did that number represent? (Roughly 3.96 million, 41.54%)

8.) One heated congressional battle included a television spot that featured the opponent in a bathing suit. It wasn't the first time that footage had appeared in an attack ad. Name the candidate who used a similar attack in 2008. (Democrat Bill Durston, challenging Republican Rep. Dan Lungren in the 3rd Congressional District)

9.) Which current political figure was a board member of The Gap when Anne Gust Brown, Jerry Brown's wife, was a high-ranking Gap executive? Meg Whitman

10.) Name two state legislative races that are rematches this cycle. BONUS: Earn an extra point for listing the vote spread for each of the three races in 2008. Any combination of the following counted for this one: Buchannan/Wilson in AD15; Huber/Sieglock in AD10; Cathleen Galgiani/Jack Mobley in AD17)

11.) Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has opted not to endorse in the Golden State gubernatorial and U.S. Senate battles, but he did weigh in on a high-profile contest in another sunny state. Name the candidate Schwarzenegger endorsed. (Florida Gov. Charlie Crist. U.S. Senate)

12.) California's legislative district will be redrawn by the next time California voters go to the polls for a statewide general election. Which current state legislative district is the largest in terms of area? (The largest state legislative district is the 18th Senate District, according to the Assembly Elections and Redistricting Committee. The office of Sen. Roy Ashburn, who represents that district, says it covers roughly 30,900 square miles.

13.) Whitman has made her performance as chief executive officer of eBay a major talking point on the campaign trail. What was eBay's opening stock price when it went public in 1998? ($53.50, almost three times its target price of $18 a share).

14.) Which statewide candidate's father was appointed during the 1970s to the U.S. 9th circuit court of appears? GOP Senate candidate Carly Fiorina's father Joseph Sneed

15.) Dave Jones, the Democratic nominee for insurance commissioner, would be the third Sacramentan to serve in statewide office in the last 20 years. Who are the other two? (Lungren, Angelides) We were thinking of former Attorney General Dan Lungren and state Treasurer Phil Angelides, but because of the way the question was worded, there were multiple correct answers for this one. It didn't count toward the final score.


Who will win the Nevada Senate Race, Democrat Harry Reid or Republican Sharron Angle?

Reid won


Will Proposition 19, the Nov. 2 ballot measure to legalize marijuana for recreational use, pass or fail?



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