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Despite leading by more than 11,000 votes in the initial results, former state Senate leader Don Perata has lost the Oakland mayoral race.

Perata trailed Oakland City Council member Jean Quan by roughly 2,000 votes once second- and third-choice votes were counted in the city's new ranked-choice voting system. He conceded today.

The San Jose Mercury News reports:

Perata, 65, led Quan, 61, by 11,018 first-place votes before the ballots were processed through the ranked-choice voting computer program. Step by step the program eliminated eight other candidates and distributed their second- and third-choice votes to the candidates still in the race until someone attained a 50 percent plus one majority.

When third-place finisher Rebecca Kaplan fell out, 6,390 of her votes went to Perata and 18,882 votes were allocated to Quan, pushing over the 50 percent threshold to victory. The final tally was 50.98 percent or 53,778 votes for Quan, and 49.02 percent or 51,720 votes for Perata.

Perata continued to imply that there was confusion among the voters over ranked-choice voting, and admitted he was disappointed he didn't win.

"Normally, if you finish first, you win," Perata said. "But you play by the rules."

Read the full story here.


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