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schwarzeneggerking.jpegGov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared today "Larry King Day" in honor of the iconic television interviewer's last night on the air as host of "Larry King Live."

Schwarzenegger issued a proclamation praising King's 25-year run as host of the show:

Larry King has done much more than provide fantastic interviews, profiles and news coverage over the last fifty-three years. He has used his fame and influence to raise money and awareness for many worthwhile causes and charitable organizations. His departure from "Larry King Live" is an important milestone and turning point in the history of broadcast television. His legacy lives on and serves as inspiration for future generations of journalists and reporters.

Schwarzenegger, who is set to appear in a live interview on tonight's show, called King a "valuable friend, dependable supporter and well-wisher of the state of California" in the proclamation.

"What an honor, Mr. Governor. Thank you," King's Twitter account posted in response to the news.

Photo Credit: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Larry King at the studio in 2004. Via Schwarzenegger's Flickr Stream.


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