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Assemblyman Tim Donnelly took his budget-cutting message national today on the Fox Business show "Varney & Co.," telling host Stuart Varney that Gov. Jerry Brown's spending plan perpetuates "cradle-to-grave, nanny state government."

Donnelly is getting mileage out of his video last week, produced by the Assembly GOP, in which he literally shreds part of Brown's budget proposal. As The Bee's Jack Chang reported, Donnelly took some liberties with the facts.

Fox-Biz host Stuart Varney tried in vain today to get lure Donnelly into addressing whether he's willing to hold out on the budget until the state is forced to issue IOUs. Donnelly, a freshman lawmaker, didn't take the bait.

"We can't support people cradle to grave, and that's what we have right now," he said.

Donnelly said the $12 billion in cuts Brown has proposed is "a good start," but clearly not enough. "He's just trimming around the edges," he said. "We really need to dig in and start talking about eliminating entire departments."

Varney suggested Donnelly should realize that Democrats won the elections in California and suggested he should compromise.

"There's a whole other group of voters that voted for me," Donnelly responded. "Some people would say they let the wrong guy in the building. Well, you know what? I'm going to make our voice heard and try to drive the debate to taking a look at the proper role of government."


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