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Gov. Jerry Brown announced this afternoon that he will not have a cabinet secretary or deputy cabinet secretaries and that he is eliminating the Office of the First Lady and the Office of the Secretary of Education.

Brown said the measures, among others, fulfill his promise to reduce annual spending in the governor's office by 25 percent, to $13.4 million.

The reduction, coming as the state faces a budget deficit of at least $25 billion, is a largely symbolic effort announced just days before Brown proposes an austerity budget Monday.

"California is facing a huge deficit and it is necessary to find savings throughout all of government," Brown said in a written statement. "We all have to make cuts and I'm starting with my own office."

Brown also announced spending only $120,000 of the $770,000 allocated for his post-election costs.

Brown earlier this week appointed his wife, Anne Gust Brown, to be his unpaid special adviser.

Brown also said he is reducing his press and communications staff and closing field offices in San Diego, Fresno and Riverside.


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