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Bill Trinkle Bear Flag.JPGToday marks the 100th anniversary of California's iconic flag becoming its official banner.

Gov. Hiram Johnson's signature on Feb. 3, 1911, sealed the design's designation as the Golden State's flag. It was first flown above Sonoma in 1846.

At least one vexillologist -- that's somebody who studies flags -- will be celebrating the centennial.

"We have a bottle of Bear Flag wine (yes, Bear Flag wine!) in the fridge, and I think we may make a toast to the flag with it," Bill Trinkle, the Bear Flag Museum founder and executive director, told Bee colleague Dixie Reid.

Meanwhile, budget hearings continue under the dome.

Cuts to the Department of Developmental Services are the subject of scrutiny at a 10 a.m. hearing of the Assembly budget subcommittee on health and human services.

The agenda includes proposals to enact new standards and increase accountability for the nonprofit regional centers that facilitate care of the developmentally disabled.

As colleague Jack Chang reported in yesterday's Bee, although contracts to care for the disabled can climb to $250,000, they're not subject to public disclosure.

For a breakdown of Brown's budget proposals and trailer bill language, click this link.

BUDGET BREWS: The Princeton-by-the-Sea brewery that bottled a California budget-themed beer is hosting what's sure to be a hopped-up discussion of the state's fiscal woes. Assemblyman Rich Gordon, D-Menlo Park, is scheduled to attend the Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. "Brews and Views" forum, which starts at 6 p.m.

PHOTO CREDIT: Bill Trinkle, executive director of the Bear Flag Museum, holds a Jubilee Bear Flag dating from 1925 and the 75th anniversary of California's statehood. Courtesy of the Bear Flag Museum.


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