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Senate Republican leader Bob Dutton on Wednesday criticized appointments made by Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown as discouraging to business, including Brown's choice for natural resources secretary and his appointments to the California Public Utilities Commission.

"We're not changing the way we're doing business," Dutton, of Rancho Cucamonga, said in an interview with The Bee Capitol Bureau. "I haven't seen anything that's encouraging to me with some of the appointments that have been made."

When asked which of Brown's appointments discouraged him, Dutton said, "I'd rather not name individuals," but he said, "You've got PUC, and you know, John Laird's appointment, and some of the others."

The appointment of Laird as secretary for natural resources was praised by environmentalists. The Santa Cruz Democrat is a former assemblyman.

Brown last month appointed Mike Florio, a ratepayer advocate, and Catherine Sandoval, a law professor, to the PUC. The appointments were widely viewed as pro-consumer choices.

Dutton did offer praise for Sutter, who was recently appointed first dog.

"I like Sutter," he said. "He's cool."

VIDEO: Dutton answers questions on whether Senate Republicans will vote to put tax extensions on the ballot and what impact Proposition 14 and the Citizens Redistricting Commission will have on his caucus next cycle. Hector Amezcua, Sacramento Bee.


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