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Will state legislators extend to the developers of a proposed professional football stadium in Los Angeles the same environmental exemptions they gave to a competing proposal in the City of Industry?

Don't bet on it. Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg and Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez both dismissed the idea during a late morning press conference on a package of clean energy legislation.

In 2009, lawmakers, including Steinberg and Pérez, voted to exempt developer Ed Roski's plans for a professional stadium from California Environmental Quality Act requirements. Backers of a rival project by developer Philip Anschutz are reportedly seeking a similar waiver, which would cut red tape and minimize potential lawsuits holding up the project.

But both Democratic leaders said today that while they support Anschutz's proposal, the 2009 CEQA exemption was merited by extraordinary and very specific circumstances.

They were also asked to weigh in on an issue many fans are focused on -- which team would call either project their home.

Pérez, of Los Angeles, opted to stay on the sidelines of the debate over which team -- or teams -- might relocate to his hometown if the venues are completed.

"That's something for the NFL to figure out what team, or teams, they bring to Los Angeles," Pérez, who praised the project for its economic prospects, said when asked whether he'd welcome the San Diego Chargers as Los Angeles' new NFL team.

Steinberg, of Sacramento, jumped in to add he wants a Northern California NFL team to stay where it is.

"I certainly wouldn't welcome the 49ers!" he quipped.

Here's a video of their comments:


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