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Former Assembly Speaker Willie Brown drew comparisons between President Obama and former President Ronald Reagan during a Sunday interview on NBC's "Meet The Press," saying "Obama is more like Reagan than he is like anyone else, probably including Bill Clinton."

"Many of the qualities that he exhibits are reflective of what Ronald Reagan was really all about," Brown said during a roundtable discussion marking the 100th anniversary of the late Reagan's birth. "He has not been able, frankly, to demonstrate those in the first 18 months or so of his administration simply because he had such an awesome majority in the Senate and an awesome majority in the House, and that majority was dominated by the more progressive wing of the Democratic Party, far beyond what Obama really is."

Speaking on Reagan's legacy, Brown said the 'great communicator' cultivated his political skills in the Golden State.

"He really learned about government and the operation of government and what government could or could not do in the eight years that he spent as a governor of the state of California. And they were really incredible learning years for this extraordinary, gifted person," he said.

Watch video of the roundtable, which also featured former Reagan Chief of Staff James Baker, speechwriter and columnist Peggy Noonan and journalist Andrea Mitchell, below or read the transcript here.

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