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65140702.jpg We know our readers are just dying to find out which laugh line won the latest Capitol Alert caption contest. So without further ado, the winner is...

"Finally, a game that I don't have to win by two-thirds!"

The entry was a slam dunk for Capitol Alert followers, winning more than one-third of votes cast. "It's brilliant," one voter gushed.

Coming in second place was another budget-themed entry: "I'll bet you $15 billion I can make this shot!"

The mind behind the winning quip, Joe Cislowski, was a caption contest rookie but a veteran Brown supporter.

The Los Angeles Democrat, who works in the nonprofit sector, was Los Angeles County coordinator for Brown's 2010 campaign. But his support stretches back to 1978, when he served as UCLA campus coordinator for Brown's re-election bid.

Cislowski, who witnessed Brown's first spin as the state's top executive as an intern for California Journal and an Assembly fellow, noted that he "believes it was much easier to forge compromise" back then.

Cislowski said the Brown's 2010 campaign talking point -- "We need someone with insider's knowledge, but an outsider's mind" -- was his first thought when he saw the shot of the governor squaring up at the top of the key while visiting an elementary school earlier this month. But he settled on what became the winning entry as a reflection of the "high threshold" the governor has to meet to enact his priorities on the budget front and beyond.

He takes home a $25 gift card to Chicory, which he is looking forward to using while catching up with old friends when he comes into town for the California Democratic Party convention next week.

Thanks to everyone who participated, with a special shoutout going to Sacramento Bee reader Dolly, who went the extra mile by phoning in her vote.

See all 10 finalist entries at this link or check out the original entry announcing the contest here.


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