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Talk about a data dump.

The U.S. Census Bureau is releasing all the details of its 2010 census in California, slicing and dicing its 37.3 million residents by race and ethnicity, age, gender, marital status and housing.

Among the more salient points:

• The median age of all Californians is 35.2 years old, nearly two years younger than the nation as a whole.

• The state's males, with a median age of 34, are markedly younger than its females at 36.3.

• The largest single age group are those 15 to 19 years old, with 7.6 percent of the state's population, while the smallest are, not surprisingly, those in the 80-84 and 85-plus age categories at 1.6 percent each.

• Latinos, with 37.6 percent of the state's population, are very close to overtaking non-Latino whites at 40.1 percent. Most demographers expect Latinos to become the state's largest ethnic group by mid-decade.

• Asians are now 13 percent of California's residents, with African Americans at 6.2 percent. Chinese are the largest Asian ethnic group at 3.4 percent, with Filipinos a close second at 3.2 percent.

• The average California household is 2.9 persons and the average family size is 3.45 persons.

• Families make up 68.7 percent of the state's 12.6 million households. Traditional husband-and-wife families are half of those households and nearly half of households have children at home.

• Overall, 37.5 percent of California households have children under 18, while 24.7 percent include residents 65 years or older.

• Just 55.9 percent of Californians live in owner-occupied housing, which is higher than only the District of Columbia at 45.6 percent and New York at 54.5 percent. West Virginia has the nation's highest homeownership rate at 79 percent.

The new data are available here.


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