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Proponents of a proposed initiative to block unions from using automatic payroll deductions for political contributions are collecting cash to fuel their effort to qualify for the 2012 ballot.

Californians Against Special Interests,the committee formed to support the proposal, reported $280,000 in contributions over the weekend, including large checks from the committee for a failed effort to qualify a similar measure for the 2010 ballot, conservative activists and the Lincoln Club of Orange County. The recent contributions bring the committee's total cash raised to $345,000.

The measure would require that union committees and other employers obtain authorization in writing from employees who wish to contribute to the organization's political campaign spending. It also bans unions and corporations from giving to candidates and candidate-controlled committees.

The proposed initiative, posted in full here, was released into circulation on Thursday. Proponents have until Oct. 24 to collect the 504,760 valid voter signatures needed to qualify for the 2012 ballot. Read the title and summary produced by the attorney general's office at this link.


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