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UPDATE: Gov. Jerry Brown signed the legislation this afternoon.

From Jim Sanders in the Assembly:

Labor contracts for about 60,000 California state workers, including correctional officers, cleared their final legislative hurdle today and are headed to Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown.

Senate Bill 151 contains the negotiated pacts for prison guards, engineers, scientists, administrative law judges and other law enforcement officials. The Assembly approved the pacts on a 54-17 vote.

The deals are similar to those reached by Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger last year with 15 other bargaining units.

Cumulatively, SB 151 would save California's general fund about $110 million annually, but critics note that the total is far less than the $308 milllion in reductions initially targeted by Brown.

Key provisions of the bill would:

* Require workers to pay more toward their pensions, but give top-level employees an offsetting raise in two years - on the contracts' last day.

* Eliminate two paid holidays from the state calendar, Lincoln's Birthday and Columbus Day, but replace them with two floating days off.

* Mandate 12 unpaid days off over the course of a year, but end the three-day-per-month furlough program in place since early 2009.

SB 151 promises a continuous appropriation, meaning that workers would be paid even if no state budget is signed by July 1.


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