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Here's one way to announce that you're running for office: Attend an event hosted by your rival to inform him that you have a challenge in the works.

That's exactly what Calaveras County Supervisor Darren Spellman did this week during the Q-and-A portion of a Frogtown forum hosted by Rep. Dan Lungren, R-Gold River.

"I was asked to make an announcement that while it may not be 100 percent certain, there's a high probability that I will be running for election in this congressional district in 2012," Spellman, a Valley Springs Republican, said during the town hall.

After a brief pause and some laughter from the audience, Lungren responded, "I guess you know what the congressional district lines will be today and no one else does."

Spellman was critical of Lungren's performance answering voters' questions, including his own query about Federal Emergency Management Agency flood maps, according to a Calaveras Enterprise account of the town hall. But the first-term supervisor and former high school teacher seemed a bit unsure about his own credentials when asked by a reporter whether he thinks he is qualified to run for the 3rd Congressional District seat.

"Yeah, no I don't... I mean you know what I'm saying, how could I possibly say I could be qualified for something like that. I don't know what it, I have no clue what it all entails," he said.

Watch the video posted by the Calaveras Enterprise below or read their full recap of the town hall here.

Darren Spellman Congressional Bid Announcement from Calaveras Enterprise on Vimeo.

Editor's note: This item has been updated to clarify Lungren's "congressional district lines" quote.


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