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Updated at 1:12 p.m. with a link to the ads.

The state's largest public employee union, Service Employees International Union California, will launch a "seven-figure" ad campaign Friday targeting GOP members who could vote for a budget deal.

Coupled with ongoing protests and rallies organized by the California Teachers Association, the SEIU ad campaign marks an aggressive new approach by Democratic allies in the days leading up to Gov. Jerry Brown's budget revision Monday.

The ads will air on broadcast and cable television stations in the Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto market, as well as Fresno, Monterey, Santa Barbara and Palm Springs. SEIU also plans to air radio ads. The television ads can be viewed here.

The media spots play heavily on a public safety message, asserting that budget cuts will result in layoffs of police, firefighters and paramedics. SEIU is referring to potential cuts in local law enforcement grants, as well as a plan by Brown to eliminate redevelopment agencies to provide more money to cities for police and fire.

The ads end by encouraging voters to call their legislators. Targeted ads will name Sen. Bill Emmerson, Sen. Anthony Cannella, Sen. Tom Berryhill, Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian and Assemblyman Cameron Smyth. The three senators were part of the "GOP 5" contingent that negotiated with Gov. Jerry Brown earlier this year on a compromise package before talks broke down in March.

Democrats need at least two Republicans in each house to approve tax extensions or place them on a special election ballot. SEIU California is urging lawmakers to pass taxes outright in the Legislature rather than ask voters to ratify them, as Brown has urged.

Since talks dissolved, Democrats and their allies have sought ways to pressure Republicans and counter the powerful message of anti-tax advocates and conservative talk radio hosts. Lawmakers have held budget hearings in GOP areas, stressing worst-case scenarios that could occur without taxes.

"In conversations with Republicans about what it would take for them to do the responsible thing, they talk about the climate in their districts and the tough environment they face," said SEIU California Executive Director David Kieffer. "Our effort is to show the real choices on the table ... They're ads to encourage people to do the right thing."

Kieffer said the ad campaign also serves as a signal that SEIU will play in Republican districts next year when the state holds open primaries and has new legislative districts drawn by an independent commission. He said SEIU will support Republicans who vote for the budget and attack those who do not.

The SEIU ad campaign will involve two waves before the June 15 constitutional deadline for the Legislature to pass a balanced budget. The first will begin Friday and last through the following weekend. The next will take place closer to the June 15 deadline.

Assembly Republicans issued their own budget plan Thursday that avoids additional taxes. Senate Republicans earlier this year negotiated with Brown on a package that would have placed tax extensions on the ballot in exchange for ballot measures to reduce pension benefits and impose a long-term spending cap.

SEIU California represents 700,000 workers, ranging from local government employees to In-Home Supportive Services caregivers.


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