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Gov. Jerry Brown said tonight he is "perplexed" that he has been unable to reach a budget deal, but he said the Legislature will vote on a spending plan Wednesday, the constitutional deadline.

"This Wednesday, the budget will be voted on one way or the other," Brown said in a YouTube video released tonight. "And I assure you I will keep fighting over my four-year period as governor of California to put our finances in order, to make the necessary reforms, and to go back to you, the people, on the fundamental decisions that we have to make as Californians."

Brown made no mention of ongoing negotiations, nor did he indicate whether he would sign a budget that does not include the higher tax revenue he is seeking.

The Democratic governor, who is trying to close the state's remaining $9.6 billion budget deficit, has repeatedly said he will not sign a budget that relies on gimmicks. He has made other promises, too. He opened his YouTube video by replaying an advertisement aired during last year's gubernatorial campaign, in which he promised "no new taxes without voter approval."

Brown has tried unsuccessfully for months to find the two Republican votes necessary in each house to put the extension of 2009 tax increases on a ballot. Talks most recently stalled over Brown's bid to extend the taxes, which are scheduled to expire this month, until after a fall election.

"We have a plan, and it's a very good plan," Brown said. "It will put California's finances on a firm footing for many, many years to come. But what we don't have are the four Republican votes necessary to put it to a vote of the people of California."

The state Senate passed minor pieces of budget legislation Saturday, but without an agreement on taxes it is unclear how Legislative leaders or Brown might proceed. The Legislature is under pressure to send a balanced budget to Brown by Wednesday or forfeit pay.


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